What If The Weather Is Bad?

If the weather is bad (i.e. raining or too cold) we'll reschedule or find an indoor location!  No need to stress!

Who Chooses The Location?

If there's a specific location you'd like I'd love to take a look to see if it's ideal for your session!  I'm also happy to suggest locations.  The main thing is to be sure your location represents your personality and is well suited for your outfit(s).

Who Can We Include In Our Family Pictures?

You are welcome to include whoever you want in your family pictures!  Just keep in mind, the more people in the shots, the fewer images you could have of each person individually.

How Many Locations/Outfits Can We Use?

I'm happy to switch locations (within a reasonable distance) as many times as you like!  Same goes for outfits.  Again, please keep in mind the more time we spend moving locations or changing the less time there is to shoot.